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Book Review: “The Complete Guide to Beer and Brewing” by Laurie Strachan

CGTBAB Book Cover Picture


I recently picked up a copy of The Complete Guide to Beer and Brewing by Laurie Strachan with mixed ideas about what I would think of it. After reading it, I was pleasantly surprised with how useful a book like this will become for me in the future.

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Brew #5 – Paddo’s Fat Yak Clone (APA)

As the NSW 2009 christmas case swap draws near, I have decided to submit something nice and simple whilst still trying to do something a little more advanced than the last brew. Thus, I found a recipe on a fellow Western Sydney Brewer’s blog that looked really interesting and I thought I would give it a go.

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Let’s get started!


Hey There!

Welcome to the Perfect Pitch Brewing Blog – a place for me to put all my brewing and beer related thoughts and discoveries, to share with anyone who wants to read them!

I plan to post the details of each brew I complete and related information that I have learnt from each brewing session. Recipes, pictures, tutorials etc all about this hobby that has me completely hooked…..


Stay tuned for content soon!