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AG#3 – Nelson Sauvin Summer Ale

This recipe was supposed to be my contribution to the brew day component of the recent Western Sydney Brewers meet (read about it here). Due to unfortunate circumstances I wasn’t able to brew it on the day. I did however, crush the grains fresh (using a mill that was brought to the brew day – thanks Steve!) in anticipation for brewing it on Sunday (6th December) – which I did. It was a fantastic feeling to finally have a smooth and easy brew day after the last few crazy tries I have had!

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Western Sydney Brewers Innaugual Case-swap and Brew Day

Last weekend, the Western Sydney Brewers (WSB) met for our first ever case swap and brew day. As we are only a small club the swap wasn’t enormous but it gave us a chance to give some beers to fellow brewers and get some constructive feedback. We also had a couple of all grain beers being brewed over the course of the day which was a great oppurtunity for everyone to see how the process works and how other brewers go through the paces.

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Disaster Strikes!

Well…it was bound to happen someday and today was that day.

After having just finished my final run-off into the brew pot, I gave my wort a good stir – it was looking mighty fine! A nice clear, golden liquid of nearly 35L was merrily on its way to a boil. I decided this was a great time to take a sample for a pre-boil gravity reading. As the sample went into the test tube, I was really pleased with the clarity of the wort at this early stage. My batch sparging and recirculation technique is really coming along.

Then, suddenly….CRACK!!!

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All-Grain #2 – APA (SNPA second attempt)

After the fun and frivolities of my first all grain effort, I have decided that this weekend I want to have another crack at the original recipe that I used for the first all grain, but this time with a bit more knowledge and a few well ironed out kinks. Given that the first attempt didn’t get me the result that I was intending, I really wanted another shot to prove to myself that I can learn from my brewing mistakes.

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All-Grain #1 – American Pale Ale (SNPA)


Many weeks of reading and researching about different techniques came to fruition last weekend with my first all-grain batch of beer being brewed. It was a lot of fun and went surprisingly well – but not without my fair share of newbie all-grain issues….mainly due to being overly cautious with Beersmith; read on to find out! 🙂

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The Brewery Takes Shape….

Over the last few weeks, I have been doing a lot of reading and browsing of other brewers setups in preparation for beginning the journey to brewing my beer from scratch; otherwise known as All-Grain Brewing.

Bit by bit, I have been collecting the required (and some not really required 🙂 equipment to being brewing all-grain. I have found this the best way to get into this aspect of brewing as it didn’t feel like a huge chunk of funds were being taken from my back pocket in one-go, and I was able to fit out my brewery with some little bits and pieces that would be considered ‘not really necessary’ to brewing all-grain beer (things like stainless steel fittings).

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Test Batch #1 – Saaz

Lately I have been wondering how I can try out different styles without making (and possibly stuffing up) a whole batch of beer – now, the Basic Brewing Video podcast has given me the answer; small 4L test batches.

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